• What is educational therapy?

    Educational therapy is a process designed to assist students with learning disabilities and other school-related challenges, through individualized programming, aimed at improved functioning. The educational therapist collaborates with parents, teachers, physicians, neuropsychologists, and other professionals directly involved with each student.

  • Who would benefit from educational therapy?

    Individuals challenged by:

    • Learning Disabilities
    • Attention Deficit Disorder
    • Non-Verbal Learning Disorder
    • Poor Organizational and Study Skills
    • Poor Motivation
    • Language Processing Difficulties
    • Problems with Math, Reading, and Writing
  • What are the benefits of educational therapy?

    • Improved school performance
    • Enhanced self-esteem
    • Increased confidence
    • Development of study skills, which will support schoolwork throughout student’s academic career
    • Improved relationship between parent and student
    • Better focus and output due to new skills in study strategies, time management, and organization
    • Improved ownership of academic responsibilities
    • Ability to self-advocate
    • Increased independence, positive behavioral trends, and happier, more successful students